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ABC Band Chicago: Happy End of the Wedding!


Established Chicago wedding band, the ABC Band Chicago is the perfect solution for most events. It varies in size from a solo performance up to nine pieces, and can handle most of the styles: from sophisticated Jazz to various Dance styles.

The ABC Band Chicago is very special in many  ways and has its own cool style and personality that wins hearts and minds of all age groups! We're proud to collaborate with only top-notch Chicago professionals in order to provide uncompromising quality of musicianship for your event. Please, check out our live samples, pictures and feedback, compare them with others and you be the judge!

ABC Band's repertoire policy is simple: The best hits of ALL TIMES. Our repertoire consists of more than 2000 songs and melodies in ENGLISH, ITALIAN, POLISH, UKRAINIAN, SPANISH, RUSSIAN, FRENCH, HEBREW etc.

Have a limited budget? We provide professional DJ services with the unlimited music library! DJ/Live band options available. 

Thank you for your time and have a great party!

Sincerely, the ABC Band Chicago!


// drums//vocalist


Alex Babiy began his music education at the age of 6. Since that time he's gone through 8 years of violin and piano classes at music school, 9 years of classical percussion major at college and conservatory, 5 years at the opera symphony orchestra, countless Jazz festivals, freelance projects and college teaching in Europe and US… Alex Babiy received Masters of Music degree at Kharkiv Conservatory (1988) with additional graduate studies at Cincinnati CCM (1992); collaborated, shared the stage with and learned from many great musicians such as Art Davis, Charlie Braugham, John Bany, Jim Ryan, John Young, Eddie Johnson, Marc Colby, Rusty Jones, Jeff Pedraz,  Bob Rummage to name a few.

To the great delight of his audiences Alex Babiy is a vocalist and drummer above all else, and his musical priority has always been, and will always be high quality music regardless of styles and genres, from European Classical music and Chanson to American Jazz and Rock 'n Roll. English, Italian and German.


// guitar/vocals
Jim Tashjian has played guitar since he was nine years old. His pursuits have taken him all over the country with various ensembles, playing a wide range of musical styles within the realms of jazz, rock, and classical music. He has had the opportunity to perform with jazz legends such as Wynton Marsalis, Bob Mintzer, Wyclef Gordon, Dick Oats, John Swana, Ralph Bowen and Paul Wertico. Most recently, Jim was featured alongside Johnny Depp in Universal Pictures "Public Enemies", as the guitar player in the Aragon Ballroom Orchestra accompanying jazz-pop phenon Dianna Krall. In addition to his work with ABC Band, he's a member/composer for progressive/metal Chicago supergroup District 97, a member of Chicago based soul band, World Class Noise, member of modern jazz group Dead Celebrity, and is the leader of an acoustic group, Miss Remember, which features his original compositions.


// bass/cello/keyboard/vocal


Comes from famous musical family from Poland. Studied music (cello and piano) at Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland. Has worked and collaborated with many prominent polish musicians including Irena Jarocka, Czeslaw Niemen, Zdzislawa Sosnicka, Waly Jagielonskie, Waldemar Kocon, Skaldowie to name a few; After moving to USA in 1982, Paul performed with various musicians and bands. Recorded with Tom Tom 84 (Earth Wind & Fire and Phil Collins…) Member of the ABC Band Chicago since 2009, featured on the Faces of America TV show, Paul currently works in clubs and venues of Metropolitan Chicago area, deeply involved in his own music projects sharing studio time with award winning (Guitar Player Magazine 3rd place) guitarist Alek Religa.

The original band he is playing and writes music for, was nominated at the 2011 Hollywood Music for Media Awards in the instrumental and new age category.


// lead vocals


Diana's open personality and the unique sound of her voice, got her immediately noticed and she started performing with different bands in multiple venues around the Chicagoland area.
Throughout her performing career Diana has been privileged to work with numerous talented artists and enjoyed the pleasure of recording many musical projects. It was just recently that she  started working on original music project JERSEY GIRLS with a dance-pop twist. Diana has incredible stage presence and is able to get any audience to dance with her energetic performances filled with life, laughter and positive vibes! 


// keyboard/piano/vocals


Nevada Hadary  came from musical family and plays all over the US since 15 years old; proficient on guitar, percussions, bass, playing different musical styles (jazz, salsa, Brazilian etc…) shared stage/opened up for Oscar Peterson, Billy Joel, to name a few… 


// lead vocals


Pamela Fernandez is known as a singer, all around the world, even though almost none of the uncounted people who have danced, moved and who-knows-what-else to her tracks have any real idea who she is. A lot of people even know her name, especially the DJs, producers and labels who have played, remixed, resampled and rereleased her legendary vocals; they all know that Pamela Fernandez' voice can make a track and pack a dancefloor, but they probably know something else about her too. Most of the people who sampled and rereleased that legendary vocal probably know that Pamela Fernandez never got paid. She's been called "one of the most sampled voices in electronic music since 1992, although never credited in any of the releases", but almost none of the many thousands of clubgoers who have danced to her voice all over the world are likely to know that. What they do know is that she's a soulful, powerful, make-you-move singer.


// saxophone

Ben musically  can change the atmosphere and set the mood for events through live saxophone jazz.

Setting atmospheres is what Ben was created to do and he love it! When asked, "what is your favorite song to play?" His response is, the one that makes you smile!

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